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Native american cultural History and educational tours

Badger Two Medicine National Forest

Glacier National Park REGION / Blackfeet Indian Reservation area

Hiking - Mountain Biking - Horseback

Day Trips - Overnight


Enjoy an authentic “Native Cultural Experience” while learning about the history and geography of the region.

get away from the crowds!

Where : In the Badger Two Medicine area near East Glacier and Glacier National Park

About: Birthplace of Blackfeet indian creation stories

When: June through September

See the culturally rich Plains Indian lands located south of Glacier National Park west of the Blackfeet Indian Reservation guided by local Blackfeet Native certified guides and state of Montana licensed outfitter # 30072. Enjoy educational interpretive stories of Native culture and history and gain understanding of our culture's past, present, and future.


Learn to set uP a traditional blackfeet-style tipi

Stay in our safe protected Native American Indian Tipi Camp

choose from our day trips and Overnight trips with optional fly-fishing or customize your own backcountry adventure with your choice of hiking, mountain biking, or horseback riding!

Family Friendly! We pack in your gear and pack it out!

We are pleased to offer educational affordable day trips and overnight all-inclusive adventures into the Badger Two Medicine area. As you journey into this sacred wilderness, learn from archaeologist, artist, and educator, Tim Ryan, a tribal member of the Salish and Kootenai Tribes of Montana. Tim shares his expertise in ancestral skills, technologies, and traditional ecological knowledge of the tribes of Montana. Tim will use old stories, artifact making, oral histories, and maps to let you experience an indigenous worldview of the wild lands of Montana. You will participate in Native American activities including:

· Artifact making with native plants, stone, bone, and hide

· Native games and wilderness survival skills

· Ethnobotanical plant identification and natural history

You will enjoy either hiking in, riding by horseback, or mountain biking to an authentic Indian tipi camp. Hikers, we will pack in your gear and pack it out. For overnight all-inclusive adventures, we will provide tipis, camping gear (cots, sleeping bags with sanitary and laundered bag liners, pillow cases, pit toilet facilities, etc.), optional fishing gear, and horses. Bring your personal items and fishing license. Exceptional hearty and nutritious meals will be prepared fresh daily with strict sanitary food handling to avoid germ contamination and spoilage. We will accommodate any dietary requests. Blackfeet Outfitters will provide you quality service with everything you need to know in order to have a unique cultural experience. Blackfeet Outfitters will take you through the best routes through the wilderness with the utmost safety in mind. This sacred Badger Two Medicine area is known as the “East side of the Rocky Mountain Front. “ The western boundary is the CDT, Continental Divide Trail, to the north boundary is Glacier National Park, to the south is the famed Bob Marshall Wilderness area, and to the east is the Blackfeet Indian Reservation.

Blackfeet Outfitters offers extended multi-day backcountry trips that includes hikes, mountain bikes, or horseback rides to the Badger Two Medicine National Forest including the Continental Divide Trail. Customize your own backcountry adventure by calling Blackfeet Tours for more details.

Note: We offer “Hiker Drop Camp Service” which includes all gear moved by pack horses to base camp.

Hunting, Fishing, and Packing trips available through Blackfeet Outfitters. Check us out at Blackfeet Outfitters.




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  • Guided or unguided hiking included

  • Mountain bike rental: $60.00 per person per day

  • Horseback rental: $80.00 per person per day







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